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Staff training that will benefit your business.

Our programs are perfect for your next personal development day or conference. We provide training across an extensive array of topics that are designed to improve your interactions with, and management of, your employees, colleagues or own workplace persona. Our most popular training programs are listed below:

Understanding People - brilliant internal & external customer service

This presents an interesting paradigm using memorable objects to assist staff in understanding both their own and their clients’ personality traits, needs and vulnerabilities. It provides practical tools for dealing with a variety of typical workplace situations.​

Healthy Self Care Practices - mental and emotional health = business success

Based on the work of Dr Arch Hart and others, this is an informative session emphasising the importance of personal wellbeing in delivery of high standard service. Vital information in understanding adrenaline and the link with technology, sleep, stress and lifestyle help participants see how this impacts business and personal relationships

Speed of Trust - the fundamental character trait

The level of trust determines the speed in which we make decisions, win sales, build relationships or become productive. Low trust is arguably the most costly factor in any business. Stephen Covey Jnr, talks of ”trust accounts” that we build in every relationship and team. Our actions become taxes or credits in these accounts. This seminar provides practical tools in a memorable format for developing skills and habits that will build higher trust, and improve your organisational culture.​

Understanding People and Management - cognitive behaviour theory (CBT)

CBT is based on the interaction of actions, emotions and beliefs. These impact greatly on performance and wellbeing. Understanding how beliefs are formed, and how feelings and actions impact on each other will give participants insight and practical guidance on how to improve interactions with others. 

Conflict Styles and Negotiation - three must have skills

Based on the latest research of Dr Augsburger and others, this session explains how the thinking brain (Neo Cortex) and the feeling brain (Amygdala) work together. Understanding this research has applications on how we interact in emotive or high-pressure settings. Participants will learn how to maximise a negotiated outcome that meets the needs of all parties in the best way possible. 

Healthy Boundaries - becoming  a relationships pro

 Based on the work of Dr’s Townsend and Cloud and others, this session helps staff identify and exercise clear boundaries. Boundaries define an individual’s responsibilities. Participants learn how to communicate boundaries in a way that brings about effective application. The practical skills and tools provided help staff understand how to manage time and resources more efficiently and with integrity. ​

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