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How can we best help you?


Australia's first Proactive Employee Assistance Program (PEAP) 

We provide a better professional referral service.  Your staff are more likely to contact us - a Professional Business Chaplain they already know – than trust an unfamiliar hotline.  The assistance your staff receives is ongoing and tailored to their needs because of our efforts to understand their backgrounds.

A Better Company Culture  
We make your core values come alive.  We can help you develop your company’s affirmations and core value statements so they become owned and enacted through your everyday language and actions. We will reinforce your statements through training. 


A Better Self Awareness and People Skills Training Program
We provide superior training programs by getting to know participants at a personal level and following up on training with regular interaction each month. We are experienced accredited trainers who don’t just deliver seminars but know how to make the content bring about change.  The topics we commonly cover in our training can be found here.


A Better Staff Review Program
We provide better performance management systems. We assist managers and staff through a tailored staff reviewing system, which allows staff to build confidence.  As a result, employees stay longer, work harder and have better morale. Issues with non-performing staff are more likely to be resolved using our program due to the professional nature of the advice we provide.

A Better Recruitment Process
We have proven results in recruiting staff that not only perform well but also show loyalty and longevity in their roles. We have the full end-to-end range of professional recruitment skills and services from advertising, screening, psychometric testing, interviewing and background checking, through to induction and contract preparation. We liaise with Industrial Relations authorities to make sure your recruitment is done right.  As we take the time to get to know your current staff, culture and work-related needs we’re much more effective at finding a suitable candidate than other recruiters.


A Better Staff Management Model
Our Business Chaplains are trained using the latest professional conflict, mediation and negotiation skills.  We will manage all your staff care including bullying and harassment obligations.  


A Better Management Skill Set
Need a hand chairing meetings? We have years of experience. Our Business Chaplains can provide live minutes, agendas and decision-making advice from a neutral perspective for a wide range of industries. We confidentially provide informed mentoring to all levels of the company – from entry-level employees to Senior Managers and Directors.

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